At E.J.H.Music lessons are available in Flute, Fife, Drums, Music Theory and HSC Music for all ages. All lessons are taught by Edward who has extensive knowledge in all of these subjects. The lessons are located at his home studio in Wahroonga and parents are welcome to sit in on the lessons. Below you will find the lessons on offer with a brief description.



This course provides everything one needs to know about playing the flute up to a proffesssional standard. This course also involves a music theory element in which the student learns how to read, write and understand music. There is the option to progress through the AMEB exams or just learn the technique of flute.


The fife is an instrument for the beginner fluatist who is too young/small to hold and play the flute. An assesment will be made as to whether or not your child should undertake this instrument or the flute during the first lesson. As a rough guide this instrument is usually for those younger then Grade 3 at school.



This course is designed for beginner drummers. In the course the student is taught how to play the drums to an intermediate level learning different styles of rock, jazz and pop rhythms. All students will learn to read drum patterns and to read/write music.


Music Theory

In this course the student is taught how to read, write and understand music. Students usually undertake the AMEB Graded Theory exams. The students are also taught Music History and Aural.

Colored Theatre Lights

Student Concerts

Edwards students receive free tickets and are encouraged to attend any of his performances. The students have opportunities to perform in front of their friends and family at the end of year student concert. Students will also have other performance opportunities throughout the year. This is designed to help the students become familiar with performing in front of people helping them to understand and overcome performance anxiety.