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About Edward

Edward has pursued musical excellence under the guidance of international artist Paul-Edmund Davies, as well as local artists Margaret Crawford, James Kortum and Geoffrey Collins. In 2018 Edward achieved a Bachelor of Music in performance at the Australian Institute of Music. During this time he studied under Noelene Poole, Nicola Crowe and Hans-Dieter Michatz. Edward has developed a passion and technical proficiency for the Baroque and French Romantic Periods. In 2014 Edward received a performance certificate with distinction from the Australian Music Examination Board. In 2017 Edward performed at the 38th Kirishima International music festival in Japan. Edward is currently performing with the Australian Army band Sydney.


Edward has been teaching at his home studio to students of all ages since 2012. He is keen to see his students grow and develop in their technical proficiency and musical creativity. 

To book Edward for a performance or lesson fill out the enquiry form below or contact him on 0439830635.


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Edward Happer
The Teacher

"The reason why I started E.J.H.Music was to teach students how to love and enjoy music. I strive to provide a nurturing teaching environment in which students learn how to develop their technical facility in order to acheive their best."

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